How to find a contractor

Here is your to-do list for finding a contractor.

Check the contractor’s credibility.

Look up the business on your state’s business page. It is best to use just the central part of their name, such as Barbera.

Red flags when looking up a business are multiple name changes, such as ABC Roofing, ABC Roofing, and Siding, ABC, Inc. This can indicate they have had to change names because of legal or financial troubles.

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Avoid storm chasers. Make sure the company is local and has been in your community for years. Ask the company what area their office is in, and what areas they cover. Is it multiple states? If so, it may be a storm chaser.

Check out online reviews.

Did you know some sites allow businesses to buy bad reviews off? Two websites that do not allow that option is Google and Facebook. They are two great places to look at reviews.

Now it is time to test the contractor’s communication skills.

Your gut will lead you through this part mainly. Are you comfortable with how they talk to you? Are they overly pushy, or are they understanding and answering all your questions? Is the quote they give you detailed?

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