BHI Projects Are Not Complete Until Your Yard Is Clean!

Barbera Home Improvement knows you have enough yard work to do. We strive to keep your yard clean during our projects. Our crews do not leave until your yard is as clean or cleaner; then, it was before they came.

“The grounds were cleaner when they left than before they started!”

Andy G.

“The crew ended the day with cleaning up the yard. As others have said, you wouldn’t even know they had been there.”

Susan K.

“They were very good and cleaning up while the job was going, including picking up nails with a roller magnet, even in the grass”

Charnita W.

“Their roof crew was very polite and did an excellent job of installing and cleaning up”

Emily J.

“Barbera home improvement did my roof in one day and did a great job and clean up the property”

Larry C.

“Great bunch of guys never stopped working all day long, busy cleaning up picking up and taking care of my home just like it was theirs.”

Tim R.

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