Did you know that heat waves in Northeast Ohio can cause roof problems?

Whether you are in Cuyahoga, Akron, Medina, Lorain, Summit, or Geauga County, you and your home have been feeling the heat this week! Just like your body, heat can affect the look and performance of your roof.

The extreme heat can cause cracks and blisters in asphalt shingles, which could allow water and moisture to seep into the home.

Keep your eye on your roof’s flashing as well. The heat can cause your flashing to stretch, pull away, and/or even break.

The heat can also cause your wood joists and rafters to expand. While roofs are built for the expansion and contraction of the wood, extreme conditions or age can cause the construction to fail.

Do you suspect heat is is causing an issue with your roof? Reach out to us for a free quote on a repair or replacement!

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