Streetsboro home gets a makeover with Pinnacle Pristine shingles in Costal Granite.

When Rob and Debi bought their home in Streetsboro, they knew that the curb appeal needed an overhaul.

The Barbera Home Improvement team exceeded their expectations by using a superior product and an experienced crew.

For the roof, they decided to go with the Pinnacle Pristine shingles in Costal Granite.

Pinnacle Pristine shingles offer many benefits such as:

Barbera Home Improvement’s employees are held to a high standard. Many employees have been with the BHI team for decades. Detailed craftsmanship, spotless cleanup, and customer satisfaction are the focus of each job.

Like most complete roof tear off jobs, this project was completed in just one day!

So what do the home owners think of their new roof?

The crew did an amazing job and the roof is more than we could of hoped for. The clean up looked like they were never even there! Amazing job highly recommend!


After getting multiple quotes we decided to use Barbera for a number of reasons. The first was John himself. He was extremely thorough in his quoting process and answered every question we had. Their pricing is right in line with the others but the service level was what sold us. Once we made our decision, his team led by Candy, was on time and very professional. We had a complete tear off and even replaced some of the plywood sheeting. The clean up was fantastic and we couldn’t be happier. I will recommend John and his team all day long!!


Can I put a layer of shingles over my existing shingles?

The short answer is yes. A BHI project manager looks over a roof before they give the ok to put shingles over shingles.

When can’t you put shingles over shingles?

  • If your roof already has two layers of shingles.
  • Your current shingles are in poor shape.
  • Your roof has signs of water damage.
  • Your roof cannot support the weight of another layer of shingles.

Why do roofers recommend a complete tear-off?

  • When shingling over shingles, it is possible to miss damage.
  • If selling your home, shingles are on top of shingles; it puts up a red flag to inspectors.
  • The cost of a complete tear-off is affordable when compared to the benefits it provides.

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Home Exterior Makeover

Barbera Home Improvement got a call from a new homeowner, looking to remodel his recent purchase in Cleveland. Though the house was an excellent fit for him, the curb appeal was lacking.

BHI was able to work with the homeowner to get the exact look he wanted. He focused on color palettes while picking out each material to use. The project manager was able to provide samples to compare and worked with him through all the options. 

Are you looking for some inspiration on color palettes for your home? Check out some of our favorite resources below!

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We are taking precautions to protect the health of our employees and the community. Please let us know any special precautions you would like BHI to take.

BHI Projects Are Not Complete Until Your Yard Is Clean!

Barbera Home Improvement knows you have enough yard work to do. We strive to keep your yard clean during our projects. Our crews do not leave until your yard is as clean or cleaner; then, it was before they came.

“The grounds were cleaner when they left than before they started!”

Andy G.

“The crew ended the day with cleaning up the yard. As others have said, you wouldn’t even know they had been there.”

Susan K.

“They were very good and cleaning up while the job was going, including picking up nails with a roller magnet, even in the grass”

Charnita W.

“Their roof crew was very polite and did an excellent job of installing and cleaning up”

Emily J.

“Barbera home improvement did my roof in one day and did a great job and clean up the property”

Larry C.

“Great bunch of guys never stopped working all day long, busy cleaning up picking up and taking care of my home just like it was theirs.”

Tim R.

How to interview a contractor

When interviewing contractors, here are a few bullet points you should focus on.

  • Details mean everything! Tell them everything you want and expect from them. Are they taking notes? Are they receptive to what you are saying?
  • Listen to how they present products to you. Are they pushing for a particular brand? Are they giving details about the products or being very broad? Do they offer you a selection or just one brand?
  • The interview does not end when they leave. Try to contact the contractor after they leave. Do they respond in a timely matter? Is it easy to get ahold of them?
  • Lastly, look at your contract. Is the contract detailed? Did they leave out anything you asked for? Does the information match what you have talked about?

After answering these questions, you should be able to make an informed choice on which contractor is right for you!

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What Can Dramatic Temperature Changes Do To A Home’s Exterior?

Spring brings a mixture of weather to Northeast Ohio. One day you will be wearing shorts, and the next it could be snowing.

Some people feel under the weather when we see fluctuations in temperatures. Did you know that your roof and vinyl siding also respond to these changes?

These are just a few things that temperature changes can cause to happen.

  • With rapid temperature changes, your roof and vinyl siding will expand and contract.
  • Heat expansion can cause nails to pop up on the roof
  • Shingles can raise and/or curl
  • Older roofs can see shingle issues more often because of the lack of polymers in them.
  • Siding can move away from the house
  • Heat expansion can cause nails to pop up from your roof, which can then cause leaks and water damage

Mother Nature tends to be a little crazy in the spring! Luckily, we can do many exterior projects regardless of the weather. 

Have you noticed a roof or vinyl siding problems from the recent temperature changes? Message us on Facebook, call 440-843-8987, or visit to get connected with a project manager.

Watch out for the FREE ROOF scam

Have you noticed yard signs around the neighborhood that say something along the lines of FREE ROOF? Well, like the old adage says, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The free roof scam is usually a contractor committing insurance fraud with your help.

When a contractor is offering a free roof, the angle they use on you is saying you have roof damage. This damage may not exist, or contractors may even do damage themselves while inspecting your roof.

After they convince you that you have storm damage, they will make you file an insurance claim. This is where the scam comes into play. The contractor will do things such as:

  • offer to pay your deductible
  • inflate your roof price to cover the deductible then
  • offer you a reimbursement of your deductible

These tactics violate laws in many states, and unknown to you, you are now as guilty of insurance fraud as the contractor.

These scammers are also known to do poor quality work, with cheap materials. In some cases, they simply take the money and run!

Do you have roof damage or just looking for a new roof? How can you avoid this scam and insurance fraud? Simple, follow the tips below.

  • Watch out for the door to door salesmen, often using the line, “I drove by and was concerned about your roof damage.”
  • Look at the bid they present. Is it unusually low? This may be done to surprise you with hidden costs then once the job has started.
  • Is the contractor presenting you with damage that does not make sense, or other contractors did not see? This is a red flag that the damage may not be there or they have caused it themself.
  • Is the contractor a trusted, local company? If not, they may be storm chasers who are making a quick buck with this scam.

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How to find a contractor

Here is your to-do list for finding a contractor.

Check the contractor’s credibility.

Look up the business on your state’s business page. It is best to use just the central part of their name, such as Barbera.

Red flags when looking up a business are multiple name changes, such as ABC Roofing, ABC Roofing, and Siding, ABC, Inc. This can indicate they have had to change names because of legal or financial troubles.

Click here to access Ohio’s page –

Avoid storm chasers. Make sure the company is local and has been in your community for years. Ask the company what area their office is in, and what areas they cover. Is it multiple states? If so, it may be a storm chaser.

Check out online reviews.

Did you know some sites allow businesses to buy bad reviews off? Two websites that do not allow that option is Google and Facebook. They are two great places to look at reviews.

Now it is time to test the contractor’s communication skills.

Your gut will lead you through this part mainly. Are you comfortable with how they talk to you? Are they overly pushy, or are they understanding and answering all your questions? Is the quote they give you detailed?

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Roof and a Woof featuring Tails From The City

This weeks Roof and a Woof has more of a purr to it. We are featuring Tails From The City. 

Tails From The City is a non-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer group dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless cats and kittens. They provide a safe and loving environment for their felines and work hard not only to care for them but to find them permanent loving homes.

With spring right around the corner, Northeast, Ohio  enters “kitten season”. 

More kittens then the shelters can count will be born, along with wildlife such as chipmunks, raccoons, and skunks.

While the shelter gets ready to intake many animals, get your home ready to prevent it from being a birthing den.

Look up on your roof. Do you see any visible holes? Do you have damaged soffits or vents in the roof? Are parts of your chimney flashing missing?

If so, give Barbera Home Improvement a call, and we will get you fixed up for spring.

To learn more about what you can do to help with “kitten season”  visit

Siding in a winter wonderland

Many think that once the snow hits that most outside home improvements come to a halt. Though that may be the case for many projects, replacement vinyl siding is not one of them!

Lisa, who previously had her roof replaced by us, took advantage of the vinyl siding services we offer in the winter.

“We had our roof and now our siding and gutters done! Professional, friendly, A1 service all the way! Beautiful! Bob and his siding team are very nice easy going guys that get the job done and right !”

Lisa Y.

We would have to agree with Lisa that it looks beautiful!