Did you know that heat waves in Northeast Ohio can cause roof problems?

Whether you are in Cuyahoga, Akron, Medina, Lorain, Summit, or Geauga County, you and your home have been feeling the heat this week! Just like your body, heat can affect the look and performance of your roof.

The extreme heat can cause cracks and blisters in asphalt shingles, which could allow water and moisture to seep into the home.

Keep your eye on your roof’s flashing as well. The heat can cause your flashing to stretch, pull away, and/or even break.

The heat can also cause your wood joists and rafters to expand. While roofs are built for the expansion and contraction of the wood, extreme conditions or age can cause the construction to fail.

Do you suspect heat is is causing an issue with your roof? Reach out to us for a free quote on a repair or replacement!

Is it too cold to install windows?

Do you think it is too cold to install windows once the temperature drops outside? Here at Barbera Home Improvement, we believe it is too cold for you not to replace your windows! 

Outdated windows can be costing you money. Old, underperforming windows can account for 20-30% of a home’s energy loss.

Homeowners can expect more benefits to a fall or winter installation. These benefits include:

  • More flexibility with the project timeline
  • Faster installation times
  • Reduction or even elimination of allergens and bugs entering the house
  • Off-season cost savings

Please fill out our contact form here to get started on your window project. Quotes on windows are always free and BHI provides you with a straight forward price.

Fourth of July Celebrations and Your Roof

As the holiday weekend kicks off, we see our neighbors and friends are having parties, grilling, and setting off the fireworks. What most people are not doing is thinking about their roof and the dangers that can be around it during the Fourth of July holiday.

Can the fireworks cause my roof to catch fire?

The risk of your roof catching on fire from a firework is low. Modern roofing materials are made to be fire-resistant. Often, materials are rated Class A, which means that the roof should not catch fire if a spark or ember lands on it.

Though the risk is low, you can take these steps to make it even lower!

  • Check to make sure that your roof is in good condition.
  • Inspect your roof and clear off the debris if present.
  • Clean out debris in gutters.
  • Trim back any overhanging trees.
  • Do not shoot fireworks towards the home.
Can I sit on my roof to watch fireworks?

As we all know that it is very tempting to climb up on the roof to get the ideal view but we should never lounge on our roof.


Along with the potentially serious injury to yourself, you could also damage the roof. Excessive strain and pressure on shingles can cause damage. Strong force in just one area of the roof can cause structural damages. 

What’s about the celebratory gunfire?

Celebratory gunfire is very scary. If you hear gunshots in your area, even if you believe that it is just in celebration, always call your local police.

BHI has seen some damages over the years from the celebratory gunfire which usually fall down onto the roofs. Bullets that fall back down can get stuck in roofs. In most of the cases, only minor damages are seen. The damage is often in the roof surface, causing a hole. The hole must be repaired to avoid the leakage. 

The Barbara Home Improvement team would like to wish the whole community a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Roof and a Woof, The Companion Pets of Cleveland Pet Food Pantry.

We are honored to tell you about this week’s Roof and a Woof, The Companion Pets of Cleveland pet food pantry.

We know money may be tight, or you are uncertain about your future. If you are having a roof or vinyl siding issue, please call us. We understand and will work with you to find a solution that fits your home, your budget, and most importantly, your family.

Companion Pets of Cleveland also understands that in times of need, many worry about how they are going to be able to afford to keep their pets.

One of our goals at Companion Pets of Cleveland is to help families and their pets stay together during financially challenging times. Times that could easily separate them because of the owner’s inability to care for their pet’s basic needs, like feeding them. Some of the people Companion Pets of Cleveland have helped are disabled veterans, cancer patients, domestic abuse victims, and families who have just fallen on hard times. 

We know the pandemic affecting families, and we need food for our pantry more than ever. If you can give, we appreciate any size bag, any monetary or gift card donation, and any brand. We prescreen recipients receiving food to the best of our ability, so we can assure you the food is going to pets who need it the most.

To make a monetary donation visit, Paypal.me/companionpetsofcleve

Bob S, Companion Pets of Cleveland founder

If you have a food donation, please reach out to us, and we can arrange a pick up or drop off location.

BHI Safety Update

The health and safety of our employees and the community is always our #1 priority. We are still serving Northeast Ohio homes, but are making a few adjustments by practicing recommendations from the CDC.

Our project managers, along with our complete team, are practicing the safety tips as provided by the CDC. Please let us know any additional accommodations you would like.

At this time, our showroom and offices are closed to the public. The safety of our employees and the community is our top priority. We are still able to service you and your home improvement needs. Please call us at 440.843.8987 to be connected to a project manager to learn the adjustments we are making to give you the exceptional customer service you expect from BHI.