Roof and a Woof

BHI employees serve an active part in our community. We are proud to support local non-profits! Check out the weekly Roof and a Woof on our Facebook page to see highlighted local animal rescues.

Willy from Companion Pets of Cleveland

This week’s Roof and a Woof dog is Willy from CPOC. Barbera Home Improvement is proud to donate a portion of the profits from each job to animals like Willy in Northeast Ohio.

Willy is a victim of horrible neglect. Mindy, a volunteer with CPOC, spotted him on the Lorain County Animal Shelter Facebook page and just knew she had to foster him back to health.

Bob, founder of CPOC worked with the shelter and Mindy to rescue him.

Bob gave us this update “He is skin & bones, he was seen & diagnosed with severe double eye infections caused by dry eye that they believe rendered him permanently blind. They are holding out a little hope that once the meds kick in, some of the eye sight will return. He has severe double ear infections, one eardrum is ruptured. They believe he is completely deaf in one ear and sustained some hearing loss in the other. Again, they are hopeful that once the meds kick in and the infection clears up, his hearing will improve. He could use a dental, but his teeth are okay despite his outward appearance. His bloodwork was pretty good, no alarming issues. This boy was horribly neglected. No more, no more pain or neglect he is safe now!

Join Barbera Home Improvement’s support of Willy. Several things you can do will help him. Share this post. Visit our Roof and a Woof and join us in donating to his care. And of course, check out Companion Pets of Cleveland.

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