What to expect when getting a roof quote

  • A Barbera Home Improvement Project Manager will call you to schedule a time frame to come to your house. 
  • When the project manager arrives, they will ask you some questions about your roof such as: do you have any current problems with your roof, what is your top priority with your new roof, what time frame are you looking at for replacement?
  • Next, the project manager will inspect your roof. They may do a walk around the house or go up onto the roof.
  • To complete your quote, the project manager will step to the side and make some calculations.
  • A few different variables will determine your quote.
    1. Keep in mind that your roof’s square feet will be different from the square feet of your house.
    2. The slope of your home will factor into the cost. The living area is different than the square footage of your roof.
    3. The shingle you pick will also impact the cost.
  • You will receive a complete quote in your email and a folder that will have a quick reference guide for your quote.
  • After you review your quote, the project manager will then schedule you in for your new roof!

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