Winter Roof Leaks and Condensation

This time of the year, numerous phone calls from homeowners are directed to BHI about leaking roofs. Homeowners fear the worse when calling in with issues ranging from the bathroom fan dripping or parts of the ceiling being moist. In such cases, our project managers often take it upon themselves to relieve them of their fears by asking a few simple questions about their home in other to get a clearer picture of the fault so as to proffer a suitable solution to the problem.

Are you using a whole-home humidifier?

During the winter, many households use humidifiers to keep the home from being dry and uncomfortable. What many do not take into consideration is how it affects the home. Over-humidifying can cause condensation that may lead to damage in your home.

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Is your attic properly ventilated?

Proper attic ventilation is needed to control moisture. Take a look at your roof and the eaves. If you do not see any vents, or they are broken, it’s high time you consider installing or replace them.

Is your bathroom fan leaking?

The vent in your bathroom removes warm and moist air from the area. You must run the fan not only when you are bathing but at least 15 minutes afterward. If you have a larger bathroom or many people who enjoy hot showers, it may be time to invest in a bigger fan to handle the excess moisture.


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