What Can Dramatic Temperature Changes Do To A Home’s Exterior?

Spring brings a mixture of weather to Northeast Ohio. One day you will be wearing shorts, and the next it could be snowing.

Some people feel under the weather when we see fluctuations in temperatures. Did you know that your roof and vinyl siding also respond to these changes?

These are just a few things that temperature changes can cause to happen.

  • With rapid temperature changes, your roof and vinyl siding will expand and contract.
  • Heat expansion can cause nails to pop up on the roof
  • Shingles can raise and/or curl
  • Older roofs can see shingle issues more often because of the lack of polymers in them.
  • Siding can move away from the house
  • Heat expansion can cause nails to pop up from your roof, which can then cause leaks and water damage

Mother Nature tends to be a little crazy in the spring! Luckily, we can do many exterior projects regardless of the weather. 

Have you noticed a roof or vinyl siding problems from the recent temperature changes? Message us on Facebook, call 440-843-8987, or visit www.bhiroof.com/contact to get connected with a project manager.

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