Can I put a layer of shingles over my existing shingles?

The short answer is yes. A BHI project manager looks over a roof before they give the ok to put shingles over shingles.

When can’t you put shingles over shingles?

  • If your roof already has two layers of shingles.
  • Your current shingles are in poor shape.
  • Your roof has signs of water damage.
  • Your roof cannot support the weight of another layer of shingles.

Why do roofers recommend a complete tear-off?

  • When shingling over shingles, it is possible to miss damage.
  • If selling your home, shingles are on top of shingles; it puts up a red flag to inspectors.
  • The cost of a complete tear-off is affordable when compared to the benefits it provides.

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